all our greens, grilled zucchini, roasted mushrooms,
goat cheese, balsamic red onions,
strawberries, pumpkin seeds, and strawberry
poppy seed vinaigrette

Flower Power (V)

all our greens, black beans, turmeric roasted
cauliflower, dill, mint, basil, thai curried nuts,
carrot, balsamic red onion, and carrot ginger
vinaigrette (V)

Avogogo (V)

all our greens, avocado, black bean pineapple
salsa, roasted peppers, cilantro, pumpkin
seeds, lime squeeze, and lime cumin vinaigrette


all our greens, avocado, grape tomatoes,
nitrate-free pepper bacon, blue cheese,
cucumber, hardboiled egg, sunflower seeds,
and lime avocado ranch dressing

Psychedelic Caesar

all our greens, peppadews, croutons, purple
cabbage, parmesan cheese, and green chili
caesar dressing

Easy Rider

all our greens, grape tomatoes,
cucumber, carrot, and lime avocado ranch

Haight-Ashbury (V)

all our greens, bell pepper, cucumber, roasted
broccoli, quinoa, hemp seeds, carrots, and
roasted lemon vinaigrette (V)

Zeus on the Loose

all our greens, feta cheese, peppadews, grape
tomatoes, kalamata olives, cucumber, oregano,
mint, lemon hummus, and goddess vinaigrette

Small: as entrée serves 4-6, as side salad
serves 8-10 $40

Medium: as entrée serves 5-7, as side salad
serves 10-20 $65

Large: as entrée serves 8-10, as side salad
serves 20 $85

*proteins are priced per person:
chicken, turkey, shrimp +$3/person
smoked salmon +$4/person
tofu +2/person

Brick House

turkey, all our greens, nitrate-free bacon,
havarti cheese, tomatoes, all in whole wheat
wrap, served with a side of avocado ranch

La Vida Loca

chicken, all our greens, guacamole, black bean
pineapple salsa, all in whole wheat wrap,
served with a side of lime cumin vinaigrette

You’re So Vain (aka Chicken Caesar)

chicken, all our greens, parmesan cheese,
tossed with green chili caesar dressing, all in
whole wheat wrap, served with a side of
green chili caesar dressing

Simply Beautiful (V)

asian-flavored tofu, all our greens, carrot-ginger
quinoa, carrots, cucumber, all in whole
wheat wrap, served with side of carrot ginger
vinaigrette or lime cumin vinaigrette


lemon hummus, all our greens, kalamata
olives, feta cheese, tomatoes, cucumber, all in
whole wheat wrap, served with a side of
goddess vinaigrette

Hippie Chick

curry chicken salad (greek yogurt), all our
greens, cucumbers, all in a whole wheat wrap

*proteins can be substituted/added at an
additional charge

gluten-free dairy-free chocolate chip cookies
2 (made with almond butter

gogogreens bottled alkaline water

assorted chips

gogogreens bottled cold brew coffee

gogogreens peach iced tea
(unsweetened or sweet with stevia)

spindrift seltzer (asst’d flavors)

kevita sparkling probiotic drinks (asst’d flavors)

All proteins are antibiotic-free and hormone-free.
Our chicken, shrimp and turkey are seasoned and oven
roasted in-house.

Custom boxed lunches are available. Please call catering
manager for info.

Delivery fee/availability is based on location.

Catering orders can earn you loyalty points.
Download our app for info.